If you’re an e-commerce business, agency, or developer, you have probably asked the question: ‘What’s the best managed Magento hosting platform in Australia?’. After all, Magento’s module style design makes it the perfect platform to build large-scale e-commerce websites on, but its taxing processing power also means that it needs to be hosted on reliable, Magento dedicated servers in order to maximise its performance. Slow page loads can cost e-commerce businesses sales, which is why One Click Cloud’s best managed magento hosting servers have been designed to optimise Magento websites for online enterprises in Australia.

In fact, One Click Cloud was formed to provide Australian e-commerce businesses with a high-performing and affordable alternative to Magento hosting on the popular cloud providers which are expensive and you need your own team to manage. We saw the headaches that many clients were facing, the nightmare stories of developers not living up to their promise, and the unnecessary costs of hosting on unreliable, overseas servers. One Click Cloud was started to address all these pain points and more by offering Australia’s leading Magento hosting platform that you can count on.


One Click Cloud Website was build to provide the best managed magento hosting

One Click Cloud’s owner, Damien Mcphee saw first-hand the headaches faced by clients he was working with at One Click Media when it came to hosting their Magento website on undependable servers made by undependable developers. Too many developers would only complete half the job, outsource to overseas developers after taking the paycheck, or build hosting servers that couldn’t withstand the pressures of a high-traffic, large-processing website.

The consequences of these nightmare experiences for the clients were, at times, catastrophic. They would see their already-meaty budgets double, triple, or quadruple, while being left with a website that was slow to load and susceptible to cyber security attacks. While the websites may have looked good on the front end, in the background, everything was getting clogged up, overloading the system and resulting in a poor end user experience. And who’s going to buy from a digital store if it takes five seconds to load each page?

Damien saw too many of these nightmare stories to count, and decided that something needed to be done. Clients were already paying too much for their Magento hosting servers, not to mention all the additional costs from questionable developers implementing outdated technical practises. So, he decided to start One Click Cloud as a dependable and cost-effective alternative so that Australian e-commerce companies could host their websites on trustworthy Australian servers – no strings attached!


So, why should you host your Magento-built website on Australian servers? The benefits are nearly limitless. Your website’s SEO will perform as Google will reward your site for having the majority of its traffic and its server location being in the same country. It will also increase your service speed, and allow your site to undergo maintenance during off-peak times as the majority of your audience will likely be in a similar time zone as your hosting provider.

But there’s also something refreshing about having access to quality technical support during the times of the week that work for you. For e-commerce businesses based in Australia, if you choose to host your Magento website on One Click Cloud, you will never face language barriers, a lack of support, or an absence of understanding for your website’s specific needs.


One Click Cloud has been built with care and an attention to detail to be the most trustworthy and best managed Magento hosting platform in Australia. If you are an e-commerce business, agency, or magento developer looking to switch to a local hosting provider that works for your needs, get in touch with our friendly team today.