About Us

We are Australia’s leader in performance eCommerce hosting. We offer webshops an enterprise platform built with the latest in technology at a fraction of the cost. Most hosting providers focus on hosting only. The software is old and outdated. It is not built to host eCommerce platforms.

Enterprise Platform at Affordable Pricing


When you work with OneClickHosting you are treated as family. We work with you and your developers to make transition as smooth as possible.


No complex monthly fees. One simple monthly price regardless of bandwidth.


Know that you can pick up a phone and ask for help at any time.

Ecommerce Experts

We are Magento experts. Our platform is always built with improving Magento performance.


Our own sites use our platform. Only the best hardware is used. We want to see you grow with us.


We are always trying to improve our platform. If there is a feature you require we will work with you to bring you the features that you require if it means enhancing the platform.