Enterprise Platform at Affordable Pricing

Delivers Consistently Strong Performance

One Click Cloud has been created using horizontal scaling to easily adapt the required number of servers needed to keep your website operating at peak performance. We understand that speed equals more money made from your e-commerce website, and with One Click Cloud, you’ll never have to fear latency issues.

High Availability

Ecommerce businesses can’t afford to have their websites go down because of a hardware failure. That’s why One Click Cloud uses multiple instances of the application and database to ensure 99.99% uptime. This high availability will give business owners the peace of mind that your website will be hosted in a reliable environment that will keep your pages live at all times.

Providing Secure Peace Of Mind

Using the latest in Cisco security hardware, our servers are kept safe from a range of cyber threats. One Click Cloud is also an AWS Direct Link partner, meaning we have options for full disaster recovery should something go wrong. And finally, we offer automated backups with your choice of intervals.

An E-commerce Developer’s Best Friend

One Click Cloud is an e-commerce developer’s dream. With a fully automated Ci/CD deployment process, developers have the tools to streamline their work and worry less about making errors.