A managed odoo hosting australia server whowing the different odoo apps available

Managed Odoo Hosting Australia

One Click Cloud offers state-of-the-art Australian managed odoo hosting. High performance and High Availability Odoo hosting. Our servers have been built with hosting Odoo’s vast array of ERP and CRM applications in mind – ensuring stability, security, and scalability for all businesses that use the Odoo platform. When choosing to host Odoo through One Click Cloud, you are choosing to maximise the full potential of this popular platform.

As we are a specialised Odoo Hosting provider, we have odoo developers available through our sister company one click media around the clock. From custom workflows, various integrations we look after many operations in Australia so we will be able to provide advice on many different options to best suit your business.

One Click Cloud offers a wide range of managed Odoo hosting plans

Odoo Applications to Support Online Businesses

Odoo offers a wide range of integrated applications for online businesses to fully optimise their workflow. Their easy-to-use business applications offer up tools for online businesses to streamline their processes. From e-commerce and sales teams through to inventory management and warehouse distribution, Odoo has an application to help.

With millions of companies using Odoo to optimise their online business, their 30+ applications include:

Website Building Odoo App

Finance Management Odoo App

Human Resources Management Odoo App

Customer Relationship Management Odoo App

Marketing Tools Odoo App

Project Management Odoo App

And So Many More Odoo Apps

Australia’s Number One Choice for Odoo Hosting Australia

While Odoo offers a range of great applications for businesses, processing all this software can be rather taxing if the servers aren’t designed to support such a load. That is why choosing One Click Cloud for odoo hosting Australia with a suite of tools will guarantee you fast load times, high performance, and unmatched reliability. One Click Cloud has been specially designed by Odoo development experts to offer premium performance cloud hosting for Australian businesses that want to get the most out of Odoo.

After all, Odoo’s benefits can only be truly utilised if it is operating in a fast, secure, and highly optimised environment. As an Odoo developer, you don’t want to be wasting your time using a backend program that takes forever to load and is difficult to navigate. By choosing One Click Cloud as your Odoo hosting solution, you are choosing an Australian-based platform that will optimise Odoo’s applications to their full capacity.

High Performance Odoo Hosting Australia

One Click Cloud uses the latest in high end tech and hardware to ensure our servers provide high speed and secure hosting for businesses using Odoo’s software. The high speeds offered by our servers mean that your employees will increase their productivity while streamlining your entire workflow. This speed is thanks to our horizontal scaling servers, which can adapt easily to match the growth and size of your Odoo capacity. This simple scalability decreases load times while keeping the memory at a stable level to reduce the risk of a server collapse.

Our multi-fibre lines and high availability data centres mean that you can enjoy high site availability at 99.99% uptime. And given One Click Cloud are Odoo partners, we are experienced with the platform to know how to establish servers that are capable of supporting it.

Our odoo hosting service also offers full SSH, GitLab repositories to your unique environment that has been tailor-built for each and every client’s specific requirements.

Odoo Hosting Made for Australian Businesses

One Click Cloud was formed to offer an affordable and fast cloud hosting solution for Australian businesses who felt dissatisfied with overseas providers and cloud solutions that offer no real application support. They were looking for developers and DevOps who not only knew what they were doing, but whom they could meet in person or talk directly to over the phone about any technical issues or general questions.

We are a dedicated Australian Odoo hosting platform designed for Australian businesses. Through hosting your Odoo content through One Click Cloud, you are improving your local SEO, saving thousands of dollars, and helping support a fellow Australian business.

Excellent Odoo Customer Support

The team at One Click Cloud is made up of experienced Odoo developers who understand the platform inside-out. You can trust our team to be available and willing to help should any issues arise with your Odoo platform. You can rely on us to go above and beyond to ensure that all your Odoo applications are operating to their optimum speed and efficiency, so that you and your employees can continue on with the business of staying productive and getting the most out of your website’s capabilities.