WooCommerce Hosting for Australian E-commerce Businesses

One Click Cloud specialises in delivering fast, secure, and reliable managed WooCommerce hosting Australia solutions for e-commerce businesses of all sizes across Australia. Our hosting servers have been specially designed to manage the demands of WooCommerce, so your digital store can remain open and available for customers for longer, maximising your chances for traffic, sales, and overall growth

Leading WooCommerce Hosting Australia Solution

One Click Cloud is Australia’s most trusted e-commerce hosting solution – having been tailor-made for large online stores built on platforms like WooCommerce. Our forward-thinking approach to hosting servers ensures maximum uptime, optimal page load speeds, and strong visitor satisfaction. 

WooCommerce was designed for e-commerce businesses built on WordPress who want to take their online store to the next level. As a plug-in, WooCommerce offers a load of great customisation options for e-commerce developers to create the digital storefront they want. However, all of these tools come at the cost of high processing demands that can easily buckle under their own pressure if not hosted on the right servers. 

As an Australian e-commerce business, your success comes down to how reliable your website is for your customers. If you have built your website on WooCommerce, why risk hosting on servers that don’t provide the strong technical foundation you need? 

One Click Cloud’s servers are second to none in providing ultra-reliable managed hosting solutions for Australian e-commerce businesses using WooCommerce. You can trust in our team of experienced web developers to continually prioritise the performance and stability of your website, so your digital doors can always remain open to customers looking to engage with your products or services. 

Made for WordPress E-commerce Businesses

WooCommerce was designed as an open-source e-commerce plugin for medium-to-large scale online retailers built on WordPress. It gained popularity thanks to its easy customisation options, range of tools and features, and developer-friendly setup.

There are many Australian online merchants who use WooCommerce for their website. If you are one of them, then trust in the team of experienced Australian developers at One Click Cloud to provide a suitable hosting solution for your website. Our hard work, innovative thinking, and superior hardware means you can have the peace of mind that your WooCommerce website will be in the best position for it to grow and prosper.

One Click Cloud offers a wide range of managed WooCommerce hosting plans

Australian WooCommerce Hosting Technology

One Click Cloud is Australia’s number one choice for lightning fast, ultra-secure, and incredibly reliable managed woocommerce hosting Australia for WooCommerce websites. If you want to minimise your website’s load times and maximise its traffic, then trust in the developers at One Click Cloud to get the job done.

Our excellent managed hosting servers wouldn’t be as good as they are if we didn’t use industry-leading technology mixed with out-of-the-box thinking. This is the reason we can continuously provide stable hosting solutions for Australian e-commerce businesses that are innovative, slick, and developer-friendly.

If you have a WooCommerce website and looking for a hosting solution or woocommerce development , then give our team a call today.

Highly Optimised WooCommerce Performance

One Click Cloud uses horizontal scaling in our managed woocommerce hosting Australia servers to guarantee the appropriate level of support for your website, even as it grows and its needs change. All of our hosting servers are based in Australia – greatly increasing the overall performance of your website as its hosting is all handled locally. All of this combines for super quick load times and overall speed, helping keep visitors on your page and clicking through on your products.

High Availability WooCommerce Hosting

Your e-commerce website needs to be available as much as possible to maximise the opportunity for customers to pay it a visit. Any downtime – and especially those that are unexpected – can be extremely costly for your business, so you need hosting servers that are always going to keep your website up and live. One Click Cloud uses multiple instances of the application and database to guarantee high availability for your website. There will always be another database to step in if the existing one goes down.

We Welcome Developers To Use Our Platform

Your WooCommerce developers will love hosting on One Click Cloud. Our servers allow for fully-automated CI/CD deployment processes between testing and production environments. This helps to eliminate mistakes and streamline the development process, allowing more good work to get done for the constant improvement of your online store.

Highly Secure WooCommerce Hosting

One Click Cloud uses the latest in security software to provide premium-level protection for our WooCommerce hosting servers. You can have peace of mind that we do everything in our power to maintain the security of your website at all times.

  • The latest in Cisco security hardware
  • Automatic backups with your choice of intervals
  • VPN secured access
  • Fully automated self-healing instances
  • One Click Cloud is an AWS Direct Link partner for full disaster recovery options to other clouds
  • VPN and 2 Factor Authentication if required

You can have confidence that your WooCommerce website is in safe hands when choosing One Click Cloud.

Latest Premium Hardware from Trusted Manufacturers

No corners were cut to guarantee the best possible performance. One Click Cloud uses the latest Intel Xeon processors, Dell Enterprise SSD Storage, and Cisco Networking and Servers.

Outstanding WooCommerce Hosting Customer Support

One Click Cloud is an Australian business that helps Australian e-commerce businesses. Our team is passionate about finding the best hosting solution for your website – no matter how large or complex the job is. If you need help, support, or have any questions along the way, simply pick up the phone and we will respond. Being there for our clients is our guarantee.

Local WooCommerce Hosting

With a team of local Australian woocommerce developers through our sister company at one click media, you can trust us to provide reliable services throughout every step of the process. If you’ve had less than satisfactory experiences dealing with overseas hosting providers or web hosting providers who just provide servers without support, then you can take confidence that we value professionalism and efficiency in every aspect of our work and we know woocommerce inside out.

Try One Click Cloud WooCommerce Hosting Today

One Click Cloud provides premium WooCommerce hosting solutions for Australian e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our specially designed managed hosting servers are strong, scalable, and locally-based. These factors combine to deliver a hosting foundation for your online store that is unmatched in power, speed, and reliability.

Put simply: hosting through One Click Cloud will guarantee your website is always available to your customers. And our team of Australian developers don’t just possess all the technical knowledge to make this possible, but they are also passionate about finding the best path forward for your website.

To make the most of our excellent WooCommerce hosting solutions, reach out to our team today.