One Click Cloud Understands Web Agencies

One Click Cloud works with web agencies that focus on e-commerce websites to provide innovative Magento 1&2 solutions. Our team of developers understand the challenges faced by agencies and aim to mitigate these issues through our leading hosting servers, outstanding customer support, and scalable services.

  • We understand that the digital landscape is going through a constant state of evolution, and that agencies need a hosting platform that can adapt to these changes.
  • We understand that performance is the key to a successful e-commerce website. Websites built on Magento 2 need to be hosted on servers that can support its demanding processing power.
  • We understand that e-commerce websites need valuable insight on recommendations and performance insights to optimise traffic and web-design.
  • We understand that large-scale e-commerce websites need the peace of mind that they will remain secure from any cyber-threats.
  • We understand. We listen. We collaborate. We innovate.

The Benefits of Partnering with One Click Cloud

One Click Cloud offers our partners a scalable cloud hosting platform that has been designed to optimise websites built on Magento 1&2. Our platform benefits developers by offering automated deployments between testing and production environments, automated backups, malware scanning, version control and a whole lot more!

Our servers have been built so developers in web agencies can spend more of their time focusing on the end user experience, rather than having to worry about the backend systems to host and manage the website. This way, your business can dedicate more time to executing your vision of building high-end and engaging e-commerce websites, without fear of it failing due to unreliable server support.

One Click Cloud is passionate about helping you and your clients achieve their digital aspirations. Our horizontal scaling servers are designed to seamlessly grow with your client’s vision, while our impenetrable security utilises the latest in Cisco security hardware to ensure your sites are always receiving the best protection possible.

Finally, our hosting servers have been specifically created to support the taxing processing power of Magento 2. With full SSH access, VPN protection, optimised caches, and automated CI/CD deployment, our managed hosting services guarantee the best for developers and agencies that specialise in e-commerce web-development.

Working Towards the Same Goal

One Click Cloud is an Australian-based business looking to partner with fellow Australian agencies and developers. Choosing us as your preferred hosting provider will not only greatly simplify your workflow, but will create a lasting partnership with like-minded e-commerce experts that are always working towards the same goal

We are only ever a phone call away whenever you need to leverage our team’s expertise in providing help for Magento 2, Odoo, or any other popular e-commerce platform. Our team is made up of digital professionals who are friendly, strong communicators, and who always want the best for both of our businesses.

We are committed to collaborating on all opportunities that come our way. A steady stream of trusted leads is the lifeblood of many web agencies, and we won’t hesitate sending any your way if we think your agency is the perfect match for the job.

More than anything, One Click Cloud will support your business as you strive for digital excellence and innovation.

Recurring Commission

One Click Cloud offers 40% recurring commission for all of our trusted and valued partners. We have chosen this rate to reflect the high value that we place in each of our partners. Not only is this rate highly competitive compared to other cloud hosting providers, but it will remain this high as a reward for our partners that continuously bring more clients to our platform.

Partners will be paid monthly for the number of clients that they have brought over to One Click Cloud’s hosting servers. We are confident this offer will benefit your business by giving you a large commission rate, and your clients who will have their large-scale e-commerce websites hosted on the best servers in the country.