This case study looks at how a large scale 4WD accessory retailer used One Click Cloud to provide fast Magento hosting Australia solution for their e-commerce website.

The Client

Vehicle Modification Network (VMN) is an accessory retailer for 4WD vehicles, selling everything from suspension gear to electrical equipment and everything in between.

VMN website using the fast magento hosting australia. Optimised for speed and page load.

The Situation

VMN were using Magento as their e-commerce website platform of choice after facing category tree restrictions on their previous platform. Their website held over 23 thousand categories for all their different vehicle products and was receiving thousands of views per day. With such a high demand of resources, Magento being so memory hungry, and the immense expenses that can arise from having to scale up to another server, VMN were looking for an enterprise fast magento hosting environment that would provide high availability and lightning-fast page load speeds, all at a cost-effective price.

The Solution – Fast Magento Hosting

One Click Cloud knew that the best solution to VMN’s situation was to build a cluster of databases to create the hosting environment.

We offered VMN a multi-database sync that ensures there are always three databases in sync at all times. This way, if one database was to go down at any time, there would always be two that could take the load.

Furthermore, One Click Cloud’s technology stack is made up of multiple physical hosts. That way, our synced databases are on unique hosts to mitigate hardware failures.

Our horizontal scaling solution meant that we could scale in small instances that grew with the website’s demand, without having to pay the unnecessary extra cost of an additional replica instance that you will only use a small percentage of.

The Results

VMN now hosts their Magento website in an environment that has guaranteed reliable uptime, fast page load speeds, and autoscaling that always provides them with exactly what they need. It didn’t matter if their website’s requirements change drastically in six months time – One Click Cloud’s enterprise hosting services can handle the increased traffic.

Best of all, VMN are now paying for a high-quality hosting platform that is roughly 65% lower in price than other cloud providers, for a greater degree of performance than what is available in cloud data centres.

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