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One Click Cloud offers high performance web hosting that has been specifically designed for e-commerce enterprises using the Magento 2 platform. With One Click Cloud, you will be choosing an Australian-based hosting platform that has been built with unmatched speed, automation between development environments, and unparalleled security in mind.


Our low-cost hosting platform will save your enterprise thousands of dollars while providing unrivalled performance, high availability, and security for your Magento website. Our servers use all the latest spec hardware and horizontal scaling to ensure that not only will your e-commerce website continue to operate at high speed, but it can be appropriately scaled depending on your needs. And with the latest Cisco security in place, you can have the peace of mind that your website is being protected by the leading security hardware.

One Click Cloud’s servers have been designed to be the best Magento hosting solution in this country. While other Australian cloud-based hosting platforms offer compatibility with Magento, none can claim to have been designed specifically with Magento in mind. And with our ability to also host Odoo ERP as well, e-commerce enterprises will experience performance they won’t get from any other cloud hosting platforms.


Best of all, One Click Cloud is developer friendly. With automated processes between testing and production environments, granular SSH access when required, and Elasticsearch implementation for all your analytics, One Click Cloud is the number one choice for Australian Magento developers.

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MODERN Software Stack


We use the latest technology together to create the perfect environment for your eCommerce platform to shine.


MODERN Hardware


Latest Intel Xeon Processors, Cisco Networking & Dell Storage enterprise storage. Performance you won’t see in normal cloud providers. 


Developer FRIENDLY

  • Full automated deployments that are FAST between development and production environments.
  • Granular SSH access where required.
  • Control and protect your business.
  • Elastic Search Implemented for easy access to application logs.

Multi Caches

Cloud flare, Varnish, Full Page Cache, Redis implemented as standard features for maximum performance.

Self Healing Servers

No downtime! Servers automatically come back online.

Guaranteed SLA

Numerous SLA options for a piece of mind. 

Bot Mitigation

We offer as a addon service bot mitigation on all applications.

Multi App & dB Instances

Scale your app horizontally. Improved performance using multi instances per application or database. Greater up-time! 


Automatic Backup with your choice of intervals.


Latest in firewall technology included as standard.

Full Disaster RECOVERY

Options for full disaster recovery with Amazon Web Services. We are an AWS Direct Connect Partner. Connect all existing AWS apps with no latency.


Fully MANAGED Service

Know that when you come on board, your eCommerce hosting is looked after by dev ops experts and eCommerce developers. Performance and uptime is our passion.



We are 100% powered by green technology. Our focus on doing what we can for the environment lies at the heart of each and every one of us.


We are LOCAL, Support Us!

Yes, you can pick up a phone and call us and talk directly if you have any issues.
SLA Pro options are available for even more peace of mind.

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