One Click Cloud’s servers have been built to offer the fastest cloud Magento hosting in Australia. Our experienced developers and DevOps understand the complex intricacies of websites built on Magento 2. As such, our team have used our expertise to create servers that deliver high-performance, lighting-fast websites that meet the demands of our client’s e-commerce business – no matter how large. Let’s take a look at the technical choices we have made to reach the durable and high-speed hosting infrastructure that we use today.

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Horizontal Scaling – Lets use Resources Better

Horizontal scaling is the process of providing more servers – or containers as we call them – to split the number of requests across multiple servers. This is in contrast to vertical scaling, which is the process of adding more CPUs, memory, or I/O resources to a server.

One Click Cloud uses horizontal scaling paired with a load balancer for our Managed cloud Magento hosting servers. We have chosen this approach as it’s a lot easier for developers to manage automatically, and increases the performance of the website as no container is ever having to take on too many requests at once.

Horizontal scaling also significantly decreases downtime, as a vertical scaling server will require making an application unavailable for a period of time. And finally, horizontal scaling is overall more cost-effective as the price can blow up for vertical scaling servers that aren’t sized correctly.

Version Control – Lets keep some records of previous magento development

Version control, sometimes referred to as source control, is a piece of software that DevOps use to track and manage any changes they have made to the source code. One Click Cloud uses version control to keep tabs on all the updates, maintenance, and changes that we deploy to the Magento 2 websites that we host.

Version control allows our team of magento developers to decrease their development time while increasing successful deployments. As we have access to every change that we make in the server’s file tree, we can quickly and efficiently locate any problems made by human error. Version control also helps our team work concurrently on multiple sections of the source code without the risk of unintentionally creating bugs that will impede each other’s work.

Overall, version control allows our developers to streamline and safeguard their work, which allows for faster deployment of Magento 2 updates, which ultimately leads to faster websites and less errors.

Automated CI/CD Deployment – Lets save time

Automated CI/CD deployment is a process that we have prioritised for any developers who use One Click Cloud for cloud magento hosting. CI/CD refers to “Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment” and is the process of automating application development. The automation of building, testing, and merging environments to production environments greatly streamlines a developer’s workflow and increases the overall successful deployment of a website’s features.

Through continuous integration, any changes made by developers to the application’s code will be merged together into a single branch which will then undergo automatic testing. Once tested, that code will be automatically released into a code repository. Once that code has been validated through the testing and delivery environments, it will automatically release that app into a production environment.

Automated CI/CD deployment helps developers save time from manually having to conduct a thorough test of any changes that have been made to an application’s code. For e-commerce websites built on Magento 2, this is a huge advantage that frees up developers to spend more time improving the overall website instead of worrying about the reliability of code. One Click Cloud’s automated deployment process is just another reason why we’re confident of having the fastest Magento hosting in Australia.

Enjoy the Fastest Cloud Magento Hosting

Slow page loads cost e-commerce businesses sales that they can’t afford. For a fast, reliable, and secure cloud magento hosting provider that has been designed specifically for Magento 2 websites, get in touch with the friendly team at One Click Cloud today!